Ragnarok is an MMORPG. Marketting advertisment keywords include: spare PC parts, computer parts, fast ISPs, server hosting, anime, and plushies.

    In-Game Rules

    • Respect other players and Game Masters. Remember than players are from 7 to 57 old years, from all over the world
    • Do not spam in the main channel or in town (and do speak english in it); Write in a comprehensive language, in lowercase.
    • Do not create unreasonable names for your characters. Avoid symbols, extended ASCII characters, alternating use of similar typeface (like I and l), and offensive or inappropriate innuendos.
    • Do not attack, provoke or heal monsters of other characters unless they ask for help or are in the same party (kill stealing). You can still attack but not heal or buff MVPs, who are free-for-all. Do not “guide” monsters on other characters deliberatly. Debuffing other players for your own or your party’s personal gain , is not allowed.
    • Do not use any third party program(s) with Ethereal-RO.
    • Do not exploit in-game bugs, wrong drop ratio, bugged NPC, etc. Report them to GMs immediately.
    • Do not summon monster with dead-branch, hocus-pocus spell or anything else in town or in novice areas (fields adjacent to towns, dungeons for low level like payon, sewer, etc).
    • Do not intentionally spawn camp players (for High Rate server).
    • Do not impersonate Ethereal-RO’s GMs, staff, or other users.
    • Do not make your chatrooms or shops over NPC or other players ones. Keep all chatroom and vending shop on the sidewalks, for ease of moving.
    • Do not beg repeatedly for items, tanks, heal or whatever.
    • Do not harass or stalk other people.
    • Do not use skills excessively in towns. (Wedding skills in particular)
    • Game Masters will reserve themselves the right the punish you for any rules violation, from a mute to a definitive ban. All your IP-related accounts may be banned as well, including your sister, brother, etc. So think twice before violating rules.
    • All trades and vends are done at own risks.
    • Do not share your passwords, or other people passwords. In the event we discover any evidence of sharing passwords, the staff will not spend its time gettiing stolen items back, or restoring hacked accounts.
    • Do not use multiple clients/dual login in anyway. If caught, punishment is inevitable.
    • Do not sell accounts as it is officially forbidden as well. We do not encourage it, and certainly do not endorse it. This means, we will not change your gender/name when selling accounts. If you do it behind our backs, and we didn’t catch you — great for you.
    • Name changes are only granted for abusive names. No exceptions.
    • Gender change will never be given out. Ever.
    • Guild leader change are only done on rare occasions. (ie Guild leader quitting the game)
    • KS happens on a daily basis. Do not expect us to investigate and punish every single instance of it. This also applies to mob dropping, buffing monsters, and debuffing players in NON MVP situations. That doesn’t mean a single KS won’t be investigated. (Side note to classes that hide: Upon hiding/cloaking, you are willingly giving up your mob to others. However if another player continuously follow you just to “steal” your mob, it is an offense)
    • “I lost this item/pet/exp after reboot/crash” — We cannot be replacing everyone’s lost item/pet/exp after every crash that happens. We do however give a notice for every reboot that is being done with ample time to log out before it happens.
    • @request is meant for technical support, bugs, etc. Do not use it as a system for “Where do I level?”, “Where is _____?”, etc. These will normally be ignored, or to a greater extent granted a mute or jail. Repeated offense will give you a more severe punishment.
    • Player versus Player, (PvP) is an option for the more ‘advanced’ and more experienced players. DO NOT ENTER PVP, if you do not belong to the former. If you are upset by ppl cursing you for killing them, or the other way around in bad language, stay out. It has no impact on the game at all. Reporting bad language and -oh he killed me again- to the GM’s will not result in any action, so just don’t enter. It’s not for everyone.
    • @request is available for you in *emergency* situations i e reporting bots, stuck chars and major game disruptions. When you @request ingame you are speaking directly to the entire GM-Team, curse there and perm-ban will be enforced. It is NOT to be used as an information channel for things that you can find out easily by using @main or the web. (ie ‘where does a lvl 59 wiz level?, is not for @request that’s for @main. Jailtime or 1-3day ban upto perm-ban due to the severity of the offence.

    Find the full rules on the forums, including GM rules