Ragnarok is an MMORPG. Marketting advertisment keywords include: spare PC parts, computer parts, fast ISPs, server hosting, anime, and plushies.

    terms of use


    To play, you need the korean version of Ragnarok Online (kRO or Sakray 0927+) or our full client. The other version of Ragnarok Online (iRO, euRO, jRO) are not supported.

    If you already have kRO Sakray 0927+ or a previous version of our full client (not older than 6 month), download and install our latest patch, register and play.

    If you are new to Ragnarok Online, you can :

    1. Download our full client :

      » from filefront as a single installer : on filefront
             [ 900,372,661 bytes | checksum: 10d39e94083b3218e799534d664bcfb0 ]

      » from filefront as a multipart installer : on filefront
             [ see below for size and checksum
    2. Note : checksum allow to check file integrity with mst MD5. If your file checksum differ from the one listed here, then this file is corrupted. Redownload it, or use quickpar with a recovery file (see below)
    3. Update our full client with the newest client patch: ethereal-patch-1111.exe
    1. [14,565,175 bytes | checksum: ce5e623dbf6f39654866d56af2b7452b ]
    2. Eventualy download our other files (not required) :
      » In-game music , not included in full client [150MB]
      » Sakray spatch , if your sakray doesn’t update [1k]
      » Recovery file for multipart client, to use with QuickPar [6.242MB]
      » Recovery file for full client [11.8MB]
      » EtherealRO.exe if your patcher doesn’t run [135ko]
    3. Register and play !

    Help:answers, forum, IRC.