Ragnarok is an MMORPG. Marketting advertisment keywords include: spare PC parts, computer parts, fast ISPs, server hosting, anime, and plushies.

    Statement of Purpose

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    1. It is not our intention to replace or compete with any of Official Ragnarok Servers hosted by Gravity.
    2. The purpose of the services provided by ethRO is explore a “what-if” possibility in Ragnarok Online – for free. Therefore, you agree that you currently hold an account with Gravity’s Official Servers before using our services.
    3. The personal information you enter (e.g. e-mail, name, password(s)) will not be disclosed to anyone unless you commit crimes or violations against the server or its users.
    4. Upon changing owners, or policy, all accounts shall be required to select a new password and e-mail subject to a change in ToS

    Terms of Use myhandyhullen

    1. You hold Ethereal RO (henceforth ethRO) and Gravity harmless of any damage caused by ethRO, Ragnarok, or associations; including damage to computer equipment, operating system, file system, finances, or personal life.
    2. You shall not use our service to test “third party programs,” frequently referred to as bots, macros, or hacked clients.
    3. You shall abide by the protocol and the rules of play (or rules of administration) posted on many pages on this site.
    4. Upon violation of aforementioned terms, you shall leave without conflict. In addition, you agree not to attempt to circumvent your punitive term. Violators may be subject to temporary or permanent: denial of service to IP (e.g. or range of IPs from ethRO server(s), denial of access to your account, or other punitive actions. Upon violation or written request, we reserve the right to forward gathered information to discrete clients, including (but not limited to) Gravity Interactive (upon written request) and/or law-enforcement agencies at our sole discretion.

    By using ethRO’s site and servers, you agree to be bound to the above terms of use.

    Finally, you may choose not to agree to these terms, and therefore choose not to use this site.

    Conscious or unconscious failure to agree to the bound terms of use will result in denial of service as listed in subsection (IV) above.

    You are identified by the following IP address: